Contact Directory

Below is a listing of Town Email addresses and Dog Control Officer phone number. For individual department contact information including phone numbers, please visit the department’s page directly.

Dog Control Officer – Lea Dill  315-576-5597 – Dog Control only – Not a rabies responder.

Assessor – Mel Halstead
Comptroller – Cheri LeMay

Building Inspector – Norm Druschel
Assistant to Assessor – Emily Kunz
Clerk to Bldg./Planning & Zoning – Barbara Goulette
Clerk to Supervisor – Teresa Flye
Code Enforcement – Phil Williamson
Court Clerk – Laurie Waltermyer
Parks – Mike Buckley
Receiver of Taxes – Deborah Amsler
Recreation Director – Jackie VanLare
Assistant Recreation Director – Kevin Weiss
Recreation Clerk – To Be Decided
Supervisor – Susie C. Jacobs
Town Clerk – Aimee Phillips
Deputy Town Clerk –_Lauren Friedl

Web Content – Linda Kleeman
MS-4 Clerk – Linda Kleeman
Sewer Clerk – Linda Kleeman


Town Board

Amber Linson
Scott Bryson
Cody Phillips
Karel Ambroz

Town Historian

Gene Bavis