Ginegaw Park Ice Skating Rink

Current Skating Conditions:
  Ginegaw Park Ice Skating Rink General Rules:

1 – Rink will be closed when outside temperatures are 32 degrees and higher

2 – Absolutely no hockey is permitted at the rink unless during specified announced hockey program hours

3 – All skaters skate at their own risk

4 – Rink is open for skating on Green Flag days ONLY.

Rink Flags:

Green Flag Days mean the rink is open and ready for skating

Red Flag Days mean the rink is closed due to unsafe skating conditions or needing ice maintenance before skating may resume

Rink Open Skate Hours:

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)


Special Evening skates under the lights to be announced

Weekends (Sat & Sun)


Ice Management & Maintenance

No two rinks are alike. Setbacks that require additional flooding and maintenance include snowfalls (snow needs to be removed because snow insulates the ice and slows the freezing process) and warm temperatures (thaws soften ice and break down areas that cover low pockets creating weak spots). Daily maintenance includes clearing snow or shavings, repairing gouges and ruts, and putting down more water as time permits.

For more information about the rink, ice rentals, or with questions please contact Walworth Recreation.