Lottery for 2020 Facility Rentals

Lodge Rental
New Rental Kick-Off Procedure | Lottery Date 10/2!

To better (and more safely) serve the community the kick-off for our first day of all 2020 facility rentals will now run through a lottery. The lottery will be held Wednesday, October 2nd in the Recreation Office Area beginning at 6:35pm. Why the move to a lottery? Each year the demand for prime lodge dates grows – as does the line of people who wait long hours to be first for their date. Our goal is to provide a safer, more fair, and more accessible option for renters to reserve their preferred facility dates for the coming calendar year.

Wednesday, October 2nd From 5:30pm-6:30pm
Enter the facility lottery! Come see us between 5:30pm and 6:30pm on Wednesday, October 2nd at the Recreation Offices to receive your lottery number. The distribution of lottery numbers ENDS promptly at 6:30pm. Those arriving after our number distribution ends may still make a reservation during opening night – such persons will be numbered sequentially on a post-lottery reservation list and cannot make a reservation until all lottery participants have been called and given a chance to do so. The order in which you arrive to receive your number entry into the lottery holds no value over your chances of being drawn first (or earlier) in the lottery draw. All parties arriving between 5:30pm and 6:30pm share an equal chance at being the first lottery draw. Only one lottery numbers is distributed per party/family.

How Our Lottery Draw Works
All lottery numbers have an equal chance at being first drawn. When your lottery number is drawn it’s your turn to make your facility reservation.  Things you need to make your reservation:

  • A completed reservation form (provided at the time of reservation or printed out ahead of time from our website
  • Full payment for your rental.
  • A list of possible dates for your event (please be prepared to entertain multiple dates for your event as many prime summer weekend dates are reserved early – we cannot hold up the reservation process for you to check alternative dates if your preferred date is already reserved!).

Finalize Your Registration
Receive registration and payment receipts for your big day and let the planning begin! Facility renters may also fill out an alcohol permit for their event at no additional cost. Please remember – facility rentals are NON-REFUNDABLE unless your date is rented again after being released.  ALL FACILITY RENTALS GRANT RENTERS ACCESS TO FACILITIES BETWEEN 9AM-10PM ON THE DAY OF RENTAL ONLY.